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Be Vivid Design and Production Studio belongs to Tana Newberry. Tana has been wildly obsessed with Media, Film and Photography since she was a young girl. It was then that she started her working knowledge of sound editing and camera recording. In high school, Tana studied photography and editing. 

Tana majored in Film and Broadcast Communications. She gained vast knowledge and experience in the film production process, typically in the Writer/Director/Producer role. She immediately started receiving awards for her work at local film festivals and long-distance film festivals. She continued to receive award credits throughout her college and post college career. She has worked in studio and in the field professionally for over ten years.

Sometimes you just want some good photos of yourself. Look no further. Tana brings out your best in a fun and empowering photo session, even if you don't need to build a website.

However, Tana has been an  entrepreneur since then, learning how to produce, market and showcase her and her peers content on the web. From the very beginning it was obvious that Tana had a knack for branding and finding authentic, marketable and distinguishable qualities in her client's and peer's work. She has created massive success for both herself and the people and businesses that she has worked for. Tana now enjoys a charmed life as works from a love and passion for what she does. A Gypsy Girl at heart, for sure, but she knows her stuff and works with clients of all kind. Actors, Filmmakers, Heart-Centered Businesses, and Corporations alike. She creates success and celebrity for her clients, and she is obsessed with it! 

Megan Gala

HIRE THIS WOMAN! She will change your business and propel your growth! I worked with Tana on my previous business and we grew to over 60,000 listens in less than 3 years. We are still gaining listeners 4 YEARS later off of the content we created together! I continue to use what she taught me in my current business with equal success. Her services are worth every penny and I have benefited not only professionally, but personally as well from having worked with her.

Katy Lyons

OMG! I just got through my branding and website build sessions and I couldn't be happier. I literally have a hot and sexy website, as promised, and I am so clear on who I am and how I will reach and inspire my audience. I even wrote out two episodes of new podcast she will be producing! I only figured out the outline and title two days ago. That's how clear I am after our intensive sessions together. Nothing... then 'Poof'. That's how well Tana knows me already!

Carol  Mayer

I hired Tana to create the website for my store,  Angel Heart 4 You. She made a video of each of my Psychic Readers, telling their story and talking about their gifts. They were truly inspiring. The website has generated massive success! This is a reflection of Tana's brilliance. She creates magically and has the ability to bring dreams into reality. I true humble genius. We all love her. Thank you Tana!

Sarah Yosick

Tana is an amazing photographer & videographer! She makes the process super easy, fun and she walks you through everything from start to finish. She has an amazing eye and knows just what to do to get that amazing shot, time after time! I highly recommend Tana and absolutely love my photos and video. She truly helps you see the beauty within yourself. So many photographers charge an arm and a leg. Tana was affordable with absolutely  no compromise on the value. I think my pictures are better!

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